5 Best Amazon Seller Tools in the Market for 2023
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5 Best Amazon Seller Tools in the Market for 2023

5 Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2023

List of Best Amazon Seller Tools

I began selling profitable products on Amazon FBA business in 2017. Jungle Scout was just an expansion, and there were fewer options for best Amazon seller tools than today.

There are a ton of competitors on the Amazon marketplace, so it is essential to use extremely time efficient tools.

Nowadays, many best amazon FBA tools are available to assist Amazon FBA sellers, like product research, keyword research, providing optimization, accountancy, sales analytics, and also assessment requests.

Also, there are many free amazon seller tools online, But I recommend using premium tools to get relevant and required data.

Getting your Amazon e-commerce business managed efficiently as a brand-new Amazon store owner may require effort. You must find the best Amazon seller tools (including free tools) to help you tweak every aspect of your Amazon FBA business.

So, you've come to the perfect page if you want to know which Amazon seller tools are the best to grow your Amazon FBA business.

As Amazon experts, we understand the best tools for what purpose and why you need them.

To find out which seller tools the pros use to operate a profitable FBA business, I contacted some of the biggest brands and top amazon sellers.

They also recommended the below list of the best Amazon tools to scale amazon FBA business in 2022.

  1. Jungle Scout - Best product research and competitor analysis tool
  2. Sellics - Best PPC optimization tool
  3. Sellerapp - Another PPC optimization, automation, and keyword research tool
  4. Feedbackwhiz - Best product review tool
  5. Sourcemogul - Best tool to source products

Product and Competitor Research Tools

1. Jungle Scout

There are many Amazon product research tools in the market. Still, In my experience Jungle Scout is among the best Amazon seller tool with the help of its multipurpose attributes for all amazon sellers.

Jungle scout review

It started as an amazon product research tool, but the provider incorporated brand-new features with time. You may carry out everything from it, from product listing optimization to handling your amazon.com stock.

Note: Best AI writing tools you can use to write Amazon listing

For beginners, Jungle Scout team offers solutions such as Opportunity Finder. It uses AI-powered knowledge to identify high-demand, low-competition keywords to find simple products with the most excellent earning power.

For the Pros, Great tools like Listing Builder can quickly improve product listing and product evaluation hands-free operation.

You can learn more about Jungle Scout in this in-depth Jungle Scout Review.

Use the web app to filter through millions of Amazon products until you find the right idea. Track your products (and competitors) as you nurture and grow your business.

Start utilising Jungle Scout, the same tools that successful Amazon sellers use daily, if you want to find profitable products.

Key Features of Jungle Scout

There is a primary reason why many e-commerce merchants use Jungle Scout. Jungle scout offers high-powered Amazon seller tools feature to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Amazon Sellers can easily discover high-demand, low-competition products by utilizing Jungle Scout's appropriate research tools Product Database, Opportunity Finder, and Extension.
  • Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout is the best tool for keyword research. Get precise hunt information directly from Amazon, so you know how your customers search for products like yours.
  • Review Automation is an Amazon TOS-approved tool that sends automated Amazon evaluation requests to customers who have purchased your products.
  • Product Tracker (to track products) - Monitor the product performance of your items, including estimated sales and Best Seller Rank, and see if there is an option.
  • The Listing Builder tool assists Amazon sellers in creating an extremely optimized listing for their Amazon products.
  • Inventory Manager - This feature aims to classify your products (Reorder Now, Reorder Soon, Overstock, and In Stock), calculate the quantity, and determine when to reorder.
  • Jungle Scout Supplier Database - You can locate a reliable vendor for your goods.

** Get Jungle Scout bundle 1st month for 50% OFF


Pros of Jungle Scout

  • Great for product research - You can easily use Jungle Scout to find the most outstanding product options on Amazon. This is the main feature, as well as its advantages.
  • To your spreadsheet, you may export products, put products in groups, and import search results.
  • Find the Right Pricing Point
  • Monitor your competitors' costs and discover the delightful location to increase sales and income.
  • 85% Accurate Data
  • Jungle scout's extensive Product Database delivers the most correct data compare to all other best Amazon seller tools.
  • Great customer help. Jungle Scout flaunts a relatively greater feedback rate matched to its rivals.


Cons of Jungle Scout

  • Beginners may not have the capacity to make the most of all the features.
  • The tool is relatively simple to use. However, there are great deals of features that newbie dealers only need when they are actually simply starting.
  • Yes, it is a little bit expensive, and there is no free trial. Still, it's worth the spend if you cherish expanding your Amazon business.


Jungle Scout Pricing

  • Basic plans cost $29 per month (if paid annually) and $49 per month (if paid monthly). They include a single-user license and full access to the Chrome browser extension.
  • Suite plans cost $49 per month (if paid annually) and $69 per month (if paid monthly). They include the ability to add additional members, advanced selling capabilities, and access to the Chrome extension.
  • Professional plans cost $84 per month (if paid annually) or $129 per month (if paid monthly). They include 6 users, 2 years of historical keyword data(keyword search volumes), priority onboarding, and 6 months of historical data.


jungle scout pricing plan details


The fact that Jungle Scout offers a free plan with 40% discount for the first 9 months, in contrast to the majority of other Amazon seller tools, is also fantastic. You may register here:

Get Jungle Scout for 40% OFF

PPC Advertising & Optimization Tools

2. Sellics

Sellics is a PPC management and optimization tool for Amazon sellers. It integrates 7 essential features to help best amazon sellers scale their Amazon FBA Business.

Sellics homepage PPC tool

Amazon Sellers can maximize their Amazon PPC revenue and automate PPC campaigns to get the most out of spending.

Sellics provides high-performance Amazon advertising and also valuable insights. Sellics Autopilot is an advanced AI-based algorithm for Amazon PPC advertising.

The tool can automatically take off Amazon charges, FBA fees, PPC fees, advertising, taxes, and product expenses for all products and also features the exact profit margins.


Key Features of Sellics

  • Customers can easily track as well as assess earnings in real-time.
  • Enhance Amazon PPC.
  • Improve product keyword rankings.
  • Handle customer reviews with immediate notifications.
  • Research brand-new and also find profitable products within the database.
  • Monitor competitors' sales and also keyword rankings.
    Control inventory.
  • Sellics Inventory Management - You may manage your Amazon Inventory as well.


Pros of Sellics

  • It provides a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.
  • All of Amazon's marketplaces are supported. Sellics is available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Outstanding customer service. You can contact support via email or live chat.
  • It has an inventory manager that is linked directly to Amazon Seller Central account.
  • A versatile tool. This means that instead of using five different analytics tools, all of your metrics are in one place.
  • Allows you to keep track of your PPC campaigns. This can help you save money on advertising and get the most bang for your buck.
  • Notifies you when you get negative reviews. This allows you to address them as soon as possible to protect your seller account.


Cons of Sellics

  • You must still connect to your Amazon seller account if you use the free trial. Otherwise, you won't be able to test most of the features.
  • Sellics only displays data from the last two months, so there is no dashboard history. This is determined by Amazon's API.
  • Integrating multiple Seller Central accounts into a single Sellics account is impossible.
  • Reports from the Sellics account cannot be downloaded or exported. On Sellics, you cannot see or analyze your return on investment.
  • Some of the original features have been removed. For example, the Niche Analyzer, Product Detector, and Spy Tool.


Sellics Pricing

It seems they have recently modified the pricing structure for all types of businesses.

Sellics pricing plans

Sellics aims to accommodate all sizes of businesses at a reasonable price. As a result, the amount you pay is determined by your ecommerce business volume.

Try Sellics to Optimize Your PPC


3. Sellerapp

SellerApp is a robust PPC tool that has tracked over 100 million products and generated a $1 billion-plus conversion rate. It is packed with high-end PPC automation and optimization capabilities to boost the ROI of your campaign, from algorithmic bidding to providing tailored solutions.

Sellerapp - best amazon PPC Tool

The software optimizes your listings and finds keywords to ensure maximum product visibility.

When there is a significant change in your account or product listings, you will receive instant alerts or notifications. It also monitors inventory changes, listing quality, and indexing to ensure your business runs smoothly around the clock.

Overall, SellerApp is a comprehensive software to sell on amazon that provides all the essentials that an Amazon sellers requires to thrive on the platform. They offer a seven-day free trial.


Key Features of Sellerapp

  • PPC optimization and automation: You can increase conversions without spending more money on ads by using keyword mining and optimized targeting.
  • Advanced market intelligence is used to find the best products.
    Create, manage, and modify multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
  • Identifying negative keywords can help you save money on advertising.
  • Keyword Discovery: SellerApp assists you in navigating keywords by aggregating hundreds of real-time suggestions, allowing you to leverage Amazon's top-performing product keywords.
  • Improved Listing Quality: Discover the desirability and discoverability of each of your listings, as well as actionable recommendations for improvement.

*Compared to Sonar Sonar, a free amazon keyword tool, Sellerapp seems higher percentage of accuracy.

Pros of Sellerapp

  • Reduced ad spending by lowering ACoS and eliminating negative keywords. Additionally, consider parameters such as match type, bid amount, and competition.
  • The Amazon Keyword Research tool from SellerApp assisted in identifying and targeting all customer search terms for maximum visibility.
  • Regular optimization can increase Amazon PPC sales and refine campaign performance.


Cons of Sellerapp

  • They currently only support Amazon.com USA.
  • The data may only sometimes be accurate, and the analyzing process may take longer.
  • A little pricey but quickly pays for itself in time savings and increased amazon sales.


Pricing of Sellerapp

SellerApp has three pricing tiers: Pro-lite, Pro, and Enterprise. The pro-lite plan costs $39 per month, the professional plan costs $50 per month(*Annual subscription), and the price of the enterprise plan must be negotiated with SellerApp representatives.

Sellerapp Pricing


Try Sellerapp now

Product Review Tools

4. Feedbackwhiz

FeedbackWhiz is the best Amazon seller tool for increasing amazon sales, feedback, and reviews you can use to grow your amazon business.

Feedbackwhiz - best product review tool

You can use this service to create automated email campaigns that send letters to your customers based on the time or status of their orders. You can use the default service templates or create your own.

FeedbackWhiz can also send you email notifications when there are negative product reviews or feedback. Amazon sellers can learn how to remove negative feedback from Amazon. The dashboard contains all of the necessary statistics and information.

Successful Amazon sellers understand the value of product reviews, which is why they use tools like Feedbackwhiz to generate more reviews and outperform their competitors.


Key Features of Feedbackwhiz

  • Product Reviews - you can easily organize, check out, and group your product reviews. Study, handle, and receive immediate alerts when bad reviews are submitted.
  • Generate customized emails as well as campaigns to increase positive reviews. You may address dissatisfied customers and keep an excellent online reputation with little effort.
  • Email Automation - You can easily create intense e-mail sequences that are modified to detail items and buyer practices. Emojis, computer-animated gifs, data add-ons, and custom HTML could be used to produce helpful, personalized themes.


Pros of Feedbackwhiz

  • The A/B testing feature of FeedbackWhiz analytics allows you to measure the effectiveness of your letters and choose which option works best.
  • FeedbackWhiz automatically monitors all crucial occurrences on your Amazon product listings, even while you're not online.
  • Best Amazon Seller Tools for Data Analytics
  • For 30 days, you will get complete access to all services (Email Automation, Product+Review Monitoring, Profits, and Analytics).
  • Currently supports most of the leading Amazon marketplaces.


Cons of Feedbackwhiz

  • FeedbackWhiz does not allow you to remove reviews. (Or, for that matter, any tool.)
  • While FeedbackWhiz can help you handle bad reviews, it cannot provide feedback before a product is available for purchase on Amazon.


Feedbackwhiz Pricing

Feedbackwhiz has five monthly pricing plans to choose from Free ($0.00), Starter ($19.99), Basic ($39.99), Professional ($79.99), and Ultimate ($139.99).

Sign up for the annual plan and save 20% on the monthly payments.

Feedbackwhiz pricing plans


Try Feedbackwhiz now

Product Sourcing Software

5. Source Mogul

Product sourcing is another essential component of the Amazon FBA business that amazon sellers should be aware of. Finding the best suppliers or manufacturers to meet your inventory requirements is critical to your business.

It is effortless to use and returns search results rapidly.

Sourcemogul - best product sourcing tool

Source Mogul is a product sourcing solution that makes finding winning products for your e-commerce firm easier.

It is feasible to profit from Online Arbitrage without using automated product-sourcing technologies. It is, however, extremely time intensive.

It takes too long for a human to browse dozens of products, Source Mogul scans millions. It also computes earnings, verifies that you have permission to sell the product, and examines supplier stock levels.


Key Features of Source mogul

  • Every month, Source Mogul scans over 80 million products to help you identify good offers before anybody else.
  • This program real-time analyses the product's sales, market price trends, and rank. You may be assured of your purchases with this information.
  • A brand limits checker and a current stock checker are both useful features.
  • Keepa sales and pricing history charts, competitor information, and charge breakdown are all included in the results.


Pros of Source mogul

  • The source Mogul tool is simple and does not need prior knowledge or expertise with similar tools.
  • Huge time saver.
  • Saves historical details depending on your program usage.
  • It is a low-cost alternative to other applications, such as online Arbitrage.
  • It identifies profitable opportunities by simply using a reverse search of various retailer websites.


Cons of Source mogul

Some of the sales data is different from that of other providers. (We are unable to confirm who is accurate.)


Source mogul Pricing

SourceMogaul is highly confident in its product and wants you to succeed as soon as possible. As a result, they provide you full access to all features of your selected plan throughout the free trial.

Free training materials, unlimited support, and a free, fully functional 10-day trial are all part of the free membership.

Sourcemogul pricing plans


Try Using Source mogul

Final Thoughts

Summing up best amazon Seller tools for FBA business.

These best Amazon seller tools are designed to sell on amazon in a growing and becoming lucrative niche.

Various criteria, including seller experience level, analytics requirements, and budget, determine the ideal for your Amazon FBA business.

Audit your utilization regularly to ensure you take full advantage of every feature those useful tools offer.

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