14 Best outdoor affiliate programs (Only High Tickets)
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14 Best outdoor affiliate programs (Only High Tickets)

Top outdoor affiliate programs


Looking for the perfect affiliate program for outdoor enthusiasts? Look no further than the wide range of reputable programs available. These programs not only offer generous commission rates for affiliates, but also prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in the products they offer. By partnering with these programs, you can promote outdoor gear and apparel that align with your own values, while earning a commission on every sale. So whether you are an avid hiker, a passionate angler, or simply love exploring the great outdoors, there's an affiliate program out there for you.

As I discussed with my fellow outdoor bloggers and enthusiasts, This time I didn't categorize the programs since most of them really suits most outdoor lovers.

List of Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs

1. MountainSmith Affiliate Program

Mountainsmith specializes in backpacks, tents, and other outdoor accessories, making them a go-to choice for adventurers around the globe.

As a Mountainsmith affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to promote a brand that has already earned the trust of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. But what sets Mountainsmith apart is their dedication to sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

Also this affiliate program is suitable for US bloggers.

Mountainsmith LogoCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up10%30 days

What's great about Mountainsmith Affiliate Program?

By joining their affiliate program, you'll not only have the chance to earn money but also contribute to a better world by promoting their sustainable materials and eco-friendly products.

2. Backcountry Affiliate Program

Backcountry offers a vast array of outdoor gear and clothing brands, ranging from its own in-house brands to big names such as The North Face and Oakley. But it's not just outdoor clothing that you can promote as an affiliate; they also sell gear for activities like camping, backpacking, skiing, and kayaking.

The generous commission and the brand's reputation make Backcountry a great choice for affiliate marketers looking for an alternative to REI or Amazon.

However, it's worth noting that their website is not accessible from Europe, making it more suitable for sites with a strong US-focus.

Backcountry logoCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up4 to 12%30 days

What's great about Backcountry Affiliate Program?

One of the secrets to Backcountry's success is their excellent customer service provided by their Gearheads, who are specialists in various outdoor niches.

If your audience is into outdoor gear and clothing, Backcountry is a great affiliate program you don't want to miss.

3. REI Affiliate Program

Step into the world of outdoor adventure and exploration with REI, a co-op with a difference. Founded by climbers in 1938, REI has evolved into a global retailer of outdoor gear and clothing, and a hub of outdoor education and recreation.

REI's co-op model, which allows members to share in the company's profits and decision-making, sets it apart from other outdoor retailers. This commitment to community and stewardship, along with a focus on inspiring and educating its customers, makes REI a brand with a difference.

As an affiliate, promoting REI products can be a win-win situation. Not only do you get to showcase a reputable and well-established brand, but the generous commission rate of 5% can quickly add up. And with the potential for even higher commissions for top performers, the sky's the limit!

REI's commitment to outdoor education and recreation is another advantage for affiliates. By promoting REI's classes, events, and guided trips through REI Adventures, you can tap into a highly engaged and passionate audience.

So, join REI's affiliate program today and become a part of a community dedicated to outdoor adventure, education, and stewardship.

REI LogoCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up5%15 days


What's great about REI Affiliate Program?

REI's range of products is also a major drawcard. From camping gear to cycling equipment, hiking and running apparel to outdoor gadgets, there's something for every outdoor enthusiast. This means affiliates can easily find products relevant to their audiences, increasing the chances of earning commissions.

4. Patagonia Affiliate Program

Patagonia is more than just a clothing brand - it's a lifestyle. Since its founding by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, Patagonia has become a global icon in the outdoor industry, offering high-quality gear and apparel for a variety of activities, from hiking and climbing to surfing and skiing.

But what really sets Patagonia apart is their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. With initiatives like their Worn Wear program, which encourages customers to repair and reuse their Patagonia products instead of buying new ones, Patagonia is leading the charge in the fight against fast fashion and disposable culture.


Patagonia LogoCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up8%60 days

What's great about Patagonia Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, partnering with Patagonia means aligning with a brand that has a strong reputation for quality and environmental responsibility.

5. The North Face Affiliate Program

Since its founding in 1966 by two hiking enthusiasts in San Francisco, The North Face has become a leading brand in the outdoor gear industry. With a reputation for producing high-quality clothing, footwear, and gear for a range of outdoor activities, The North Face has become a beloved brand among adventurers and athletes alike.

But The North Face is more than just a producer of outdoor gear - the company also has a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Initiatives like their Clothes the Loop program and Renewed program demonstrate The North Face's dedication to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

The North Face LogoCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up6%30 days


What's great about The North Face Affiliate Program?

For affiliates, The North Face's diverse range of products provides ample opportunities to promote relevant products to their audiences, increasing the chances of earning commissions. And with a strong focus on sustainability, affiliates can also align themselves with a brand that shares the values of many outdoor enthusiasts.

6. Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Outdoorsy is a game-changer for the world of travel, offering a unique way to explore the great outdoors. Founded in 2014 by Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young, Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental platform that connects travelers with local RV owners. Their mission is to create unforgettable outdoor experiences for people worldwide.

Outdoorsy offers a vast selection of RV rentals, including campervans, trailers, and luxury motorhomes, catering to travelers of all levels. With Outdoorsy, adventurers can find the perfect vehicle for their journey and experience the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

The company has rapidly become one of the largest and most trusted RV rental marketplaces globally. One of the key benefits of joining Outdoorsy's affiliate program is the high commission rate of 5% on all bookings made through affiliate links. With an average rental rate of over $1,500 per booking, affiliates have the potential to earn significant commissions.

Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young's passion for travel and the outdoors drove the creation of Outdoorsy. They saw an opportunity to revolutionize the traditional RV rental market by creating a platform that is user-friendly, accessible, and affordable. Outdoorsy has since expanded to over 4,800 cities across 14 countries, helping thousands of people experience the joy of RV travel.

Outdoorsy affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up6%30 days


What's great about Outdoorsy Affiliate Program?

Joining Outdoorsy's affiliate program means joining a global community of outdoor enthusiasts committed to providing unforgettable travel experiences.

7. Cotopaxi Affiliate Program

Cotopaxi is a brand that believes in the power of adventure and philanthropy to make a positive impact on the world. Founded in 2014 by Davis Smith, an avid adventurer and entrepreneur, Cotopaxi is more than just an outdoor gear and apparel company - it's a movement that's dedicated to creating sustainable change in communities across the globe.

Cotopaxi's products are designed with both quality and sustainability in mind, with a focus on using recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible. But what truly sets Cotopaxi apart is their commitment to philanthropy - they donate 1% of their annual revenue to various causes and partner with nonprofits to support their missions.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast looking for high-quality gear that's both functional and stylish, or a socially conscious consumer who wants to support a brand that's making a difference, Cotopaxi has something for you. Join their affiliate program today and become a part of the movement towards a better world.

Cotopaxi affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up14%30 days


What's great about Cotopaxi Affiliate Program?

By joining Cotopaxi's affiliate program, you not only have the opportunity to earn up to 14% commission on all sales made through your unique affiliate links, but you also have the chance to align yourself with a brand that's making a real difference in the world.

8. Merrell Affiliate Program

Looking to elevate your outdoor game? Look no further than Merrell, the legendary footwear and apparel brand that's been keeping adventurers on their feet since 1981. Co-founded by Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, and John Schweizer, Merrell is driven by a passion for crafting high-performance gear that can stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions.

Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain or trail running through the mountains, Merrell's got you covered.

Merrell affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up5 % to 7%30 days


What's great about Merrell Affiliate Program?

Merrell's products are beloved by outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes alike, thanks to their durability, comfort, and top-notch performance. So it's easy to market the products.

9. Campsaver Affiliate Program

As a true outdoor enthusiast's paradise, CampSaver offers an incredible selection of high-quality gear and equipment for every type of outdoor adventure, from backpacking to rock climbing to mountaineering. With a range of top brands like MSR, Marmot, and Mountain Hardwear, you can trust that your audience will get the best gear for their adventures.


Campsaver affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up10%30 days


What's great about CampSaver Affiliate Program?

As a CampSaver affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission on eligible sales, with a 30-day cookie duration that gives you plenty of time to earn that commission. And with a dedicated affiliate manager, high-quality banners, and regular newsletters offering new opportunities to earn extra commission and cash bonuses, partnering with CampSaver is a no-brainer for anyone looking to promote high-quality outdoor gear to their audience.

10. Outland USA Affiliate Program

OutlandUSA.com is an online retailer dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality gear and apparel from top brands such as Canada Goose, Arc'teryx, Filson, Fjallraven, and many more. With a focus on adventure and customer loyalty, OutlandUSA.com has rapidly grown to become a trusted source for the best outdoor gear, and they're now looking for affiliate partners to grow with them.

As a company founded in the heart of Tennessee, OutlandUSA.com takes adventure, customer loyalty, and being a trusted source for the best outdoor gear seriously. They pride themselves on being gear geeks, carefully selecting quality equipment and apparel in a variety of sizes and colors to fit the whole family. And with a focus on fast and free shipping, friendly service, easy returns, and price matching, they're committed to earning your loyalty.

Outland USA affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up8%45 days


What's great about Outland USA Affiliate Program?

Joining the OutlandUSA.com affiliate program is not only profitable, but also easy. For every customer you refer to them that makes a purchase within 45 days, you'll receive an 8% commission on the sale. They use the latest technology to make working with them as simple as possible, including a complete product data feed that is updated daily with the latest promotions and availability. And using AvantLink tools like Dynamic Advertisements, they ensure that your ads stay up to date - automatically.

11. MSR Affiliate Program

For over 50 years, MSR has been leading the charge in outdoor equipment, pushing the limits of what we thought was possible and redefining the way we explore the world around us. With a relentless focus on safety and a passion for creating the most dependable and high-performance gear on the market, MSR has cemented its place as an industry leader in everything from backpacking tents to snowshoes.

If you're a fellow outdoor enthusiast, then the MSR Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity to partner with a company that shares your passion. Not only will you earn a generous 7% commission on eligible sales, but with a 30-day cookie duration, you'll have plenty of time to turn that commission into serious earnings. And with an average order value of over $150 and a dedicated customer base, the earning potential is virtually limitless. Plus, with bonus commissions available through MSR's sister brands, you'll be able to maximize your earnings with ease.

But it's not just about the potential earnings - MSR is committed to delivering top-quality gear that you can be proud to promote.

MSR affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up7%30 days


What's great about MSR Affiliate Program?

With free shipping on orders over $50 and a 3-year limited warranty, you can be confident that you're offering your audience the very best. So if you're ready to take your passion for the outdoors to the next level, join the MSR Affiliate Program today and start earning!

12. Marmot Affiliate Program

Founded in 1974 by two mountaineering friends, Marmot has been crafting top-of-the-line outdoor gear for adventurers around the world for nearly 50 years. From sleeping bags and tents to jackets and pants, Marmot is committed to creating the best possible outdoor equipment to help you tackle any adventure that comes your way.

Marmot is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that the gear you promote is not only high-quality but also socially responsible. Plus, with free shipping on orders over $75 and a no-hassle return policy, you can be confident in the gear you're promoting to your audience.

Marmot affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up8%90 days


What's great about Marmot Affiliate Program?

If you're looking to share your love of the great outdoors with your audience, joining the Marmot Affiliate Program is the perfect way to do so. As an affiliate, you'll earn a 7% commission on every sale referred through your unique tracking link. With an average order value of $200 and a 30-day cookie duration, the potential for earnings is significant.

13. Moosejaw Affiliate Program

Moosejaw is not just an outdoor retailer - they're a community of adventure seekers and gear enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping people have fun outside. With a passion for the great outdoors and a love for quality gear, Moosejaw has become a go-to destination for adventurers around the world.

Their Madness loyalty program is a prime example of this dedication, offering members insane perks like free shipping, rewards points, and early access to sales. And if you're looking to partner with a company that shares your passion for the great outdoors, the Moosejaw Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity.

Moosejaw affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up10%15 days


What's great about Moosejaw Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate, you'll have access to a wide range of high-quality outdoor gear, including everything from tents and sleeping bags to jackets and backpacks. With a commission rate of up to 10% on eligible sales and a 15-day cookie duration, you'll have plenty of time to earn money by promoting Moosejaw's products.

14. Hyperlite Affiliate Program

Hyperlite Mountain Gear prides itself on building high-performance outdoor gear without any unnecessary frills. They prioritize meeting the exacting requirements of goal-oriented adventurers, using only the most essential features and materials to create gear that is stripped down and minimalist. Their commitment to designing and innovating technologies that balance strength, weight, and performance is what sets them apart in the industry.

Hyperlite affiliate programCommission RateCookie Duration
Sign up10%30 days


What's great about Hyperlite Affiliate Program?

As a member of the program, you can earn a commission by promoting their packs, shelters, and accessories that are designed to increase speed, distance, and efficiency. Hyperlite Mountain Gear's dedication to creating bomb proof and foolproof gear makes them an ideal partner for outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable and high-performance gear.

Bottom Line

My concern for this post is to help you find the best outdoor affiliate programs that align with your niche and goals.

As you've likely discovered, the outdoor industry is packed with lucrative affiliate programs. But before you dive in headfirst, it's crucial to ask yourself: do I have what it takes to succeed in this competitive niche?

Remember, your audience will demand expert advice on the best gear out there, so if you're not up to snuff, prepare to be devoured. And even if you are a bona fide outdoor aficionado, success isn't guaranteed. To make real money, you'll need to build a top-notch affiliate website that converts like crazy.

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