8 Best Ways to Get Product Reviews on Amazon in 2023
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8 Best Ways to Get Product Reviews on Amazon in 2023

Best ways to get reviews on Amazon

Why Do You Need Amazon Reviews?

Getting product reviews on amazon is a tricky business. Still, with more than 79% of customers basing their purchase decisions on ratings and quality reviews, it is imperative to discover newer and workable ways to get reviews on amazon- positive or negative for mounting sales in your business.

Amazon product reviews are a great way to gain trust and to build a loyal and revisiting clientele to your business page.

But with more than 9.5 million sellers on the e-commerce giant, converting visitors to potential customers can be difficult, and that's precisely where product reviews come into the picture!

Why Do You Need Amazon Customer Reviews?

Let's walk through the process of purchasing a new product from a buyer's perspective:

How do you decide if you want to purchase a product you are eyeing on Amazon?

You start by looking at the customer ratings and then scroll down to the product reviews. After reading what the previous customers have to say about the product and scanning through a few real-life images, you buy it if you are assured of its quality and durability!

And that is the role of amazon product reviews.

Positive ratings and good reviews indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. They are ways which people judge if they want to go forward with the purchase, which in turn determines the success of your business.

However, here's where it gets tricky-

Only 25 out of every 1000 customers write genuine product reviews, and there are innumerable ways to get amazon reviews posted on the internet which can get a bit intimidating.

And thus, the question follows- How to get reviews on Amazon?

Henceforth we have devised eight sure-shot ways to help you get scaling amazon product Reviews In 2023:

Here we go!

#1 Sell an Excellent Product

The first and best way to get reviews on amazon is to sell a great product that stands out among competitors.

You need vetted wholesalers to expand your amazon business.

Make sure your choice of product offers incredible features and a fantastic design that no buyer can resist, thus penning a review.

Even the best strategies will fail if your product is not of first-rate quality, which adds irreplaceable meaning to your customer's life.

You can start examining customer reviews from your competitor businesses to learn about the foes and flaws their products possess, and that's precisely where your products can excel.

Here are the Top 5 Best Amazon Seller Tools to amp up your product game.

#2 Use the Jungle Scout’s Review Automation Feature

Jungle Scout offers a unique Amazon ToS-approved solution that completely automates the seller's central request reviews for its users and proves an intelligent way to get reviews on Amazon.

Jungle scout review automation feature

You can use Jungle Scout’s Review Automation feature to send automated review requests to customers instead of using the generic Amazon's manual review requests senders.

Here are a few advantages of the Jungle Scout's Review Automation Features:

  • It eliminates the tedious task of manually clicking the review button for each product.
  • It provides an organized table view of all pending requests and order statuses.
  • It allows you to customize review requests and pick the customers you want to send requests.
  • It saves you time and energy, so you are quick at sending requests, as the swifter your mailing frequency is,  the better chance you have of customers acting on it.

#3 Use Amazon’s “Request a Review” Tab

One of the easiest answers on how to get reviews on Amazon is to use the platform's Request A Review’ tab.

Amazon’s “Request a Review” is a tab hosted by Amazon wherein the seller can directly send requests to buyers for feedback and review for a particular product.

Request a review

When you click the “Request a Review” button, Amazon sends a direct message to your happy customer, seeking feedback as a review.

The request can be sent within 5 to 30 days, during which the customer can act on the request.

Here's some helpful information about the pros and cons of this tab:

The star points:

  • Amazon's 'Request A Review' tab is easy for anyone with little or no technical knowledge and consumer interaction is at the click of a button.
  • It saves time, one of the biggest constraints when running an online business and processing many daily orders.
  • It is 100% compliant with Amazon's ToS policies, as it’s a feature the e-commerce giant offers. It eliminates further worries of failing the stringent review request policies and repercussions associated with it.

However, on the flip side, there are a few limitations to this:

  • The message sent to the customer to request a review is on a standard template and does not allow customizations.
  • You can only choose to send a single request for a review only and through the buyer-seller messaging channel, which limits your requests.
  • Sending a promotional link and a request to review mail is a brilliant way to promote your product.  However, Amazon’s Request a Review' feature does not allow features to send promotional links to your customers. It only allows a generic, standard message that goes with the template.

#4 Utilize Product Inserts

Product inserts act as doors to one-on-one customer service.

A product insert is a small card that is placed inside your packaging. When customers open the product, they read the card, which compels them to drop a review and most of the time, customers act accordingly.

A product insert is one of the best ways to direct communication with your buyers, which is otherwise difficult to achieve under the shadow of stringent Amazon review policies.

Product inserts

An effective product insert is a creative way to get amazon reviews. Moreover, it helps establish a more personal and loyal relationship with your buyers, which is a cookie for future product launches and builds a loyal and revisiting clientele.

Here are some ways to create an eye-catching product insert:

  • Start by expressing gratitude to your customers for selecting your business from the ton and investing time into buying the product.
  • Next, ask them to drop a review and how you prioritize their gratification above all, and how their review is the best way to communicate with you.
  • You can also include your business emails and other contact information for more personal interaction with your buyers and encourage them to contact you first in case of any inconvenience. This decreases the chances of getting negative reviews and thus hampering your product image.
  • Once you've finished all the steps, add a thank you note in bold.

#5 Product Packaging Matters

Great packaging is another crucial factor to consider as a seller if you want to load up on positive customer reviews.

Though it’s always primarily about the functionality and quality of the product, good packaging also plays a crucial role in the buyer's psychology.

After all, 'what entices the eyes, entices the mind' and a well-wrapped product creates an impression of luxury and elite quality, both of which are associated with greater sales.

Here are some tips to amp up your product packaging game:

  • Use eye-catching graphics and high-quality packaging materials. Give particular importance to the product unboxing experience.
  • Use sustainably sourced packaging. When you use sustainable packaging, you can position yourself as an environmentally conscious brand which in turn helps to create a better brand image and a positive impression on your customers.
  • Keep in mind that the primary function of packaging is to prevent transportation damage and preserve product quality. Thus, make sure you use robust packaging and bubble wrap.

A plus point: people love bubble wraps. It intrigues all age groups!

#6 Ask for Reviews on Social Media

One of the most effective ways to solicit customer positive feedback is through social media.

There are 4.59 billion people who use social media and 2.7 billion people who shop online, so there is a good chance that customers shopping online are also active on social media.

Take advantage of these statistics and try to get in touch with your clients to pitch your review requests.

So here's how to correctly use social media to get product reviews:

Collaboration with social media influencers:

Influencer marketing is powerful in driving product exposure and more is the more product exposure, the more your reviews.

When you partner with an influencer, you essentially get access to the entire network of audience they work with, advertising into which can get you scaling reviews.

The best way to do this is to approach an influencer in your niche and endorse a collaboration. Send them free products with personalized notes and, in turn, request them to write an honest review for their followers.

#7 Products Bundle Gets Higher Chances of Reviews

One of the primary reasons why most Amazon sellers strive for a number of reviews is that they never want to go the extra mile.

As a seller, you must put yourself in the customer's shoes to understand what you can offer besides the product they've already ordered and gifts are always amazing to impress your customers.

Offer small complementary amazon products in addition to the main product to make your buyers happy and thus automatically compel them to write a positive review.

Product bundle example

For example, if you're selling a chessboard, you could include additional chess pieces as a bonus item.

By doing this, you can get two benefits:

  • One- You Stand out from the competition:

You leave a unique impression on your amazon customers, which further motivates your customers to pen down a review.

  • And two Greater customer satisfaction:

Who doesn't like to get a freebie? So by sending complementary products, you can leave a positive impression on your customers, which will help you further your sales.

#8 Make Sure Your Amazon Listing is Accurate

Amazon product listing is the blueprint of the product you intend to sell.

It includes the product's main title, bullet points, product description, price, and images.

To get your target audience interested, it is imperative to create an eye-catching and impressive listing page:

Here are a few tips that you can use to top your listing game:

1. Add high-resolution, detailed product images:

Invest in a professional photographer to take images for your product. This is the first thing that your audience sees and it has to be of the best quality.

Arrange a proper setup with good lighting, appropriate staging, and an engaging background (although Amazon only approves images taken on a white background) for your products to create appeal.

2. Post accurate and informative product details

After the picture, it will be the textual description of the products that the customer checks, which is a direct source of credibility for a buyer.

Thus, it’s essential to cover every detail and explain your features simplistically to avoid confusion and further losses leading up to it.

3. Optimize for Amazon Search

You need to optimize your description with proper amazon SEO keywords related to your niche to rank your product higher in the amazon product recommendation window.

If your product's name is generic, it is advisable to mention as many product identifiers as possible to keep it distinct and discoverable.

You can use the AMZDataStudio's Chrome Extension, a free amazon keyword research tool, and use the amazon keyword ranking data to use them accordingly in your descriptions.

4. Invest time in keyword research.

Amazon SEO keywords are game changers, so adding them as frequently as possible in your product descriptions is essential to outrank your competitors.

According to data posted by cognitive seo, optimizing your description with the correct set of amazon SEO keywords can lead to a 70% improvement in search visibility.

Invest in an Amazon keyword tracker to help you curate your list of performing keywords for your niche.

5. Set a competitive price.

As an Amazon seller, you should always look forward to experimenting with different pricing strategies to maximize profits.

By strategically employing a price-matching strategy, you can compete with other sellers for a larger share of the "buy box," resulting in higher revenue.

Feedvisor is a fantastic tool that provides its users with dynamic price optimization and intelligence for marketplace sellers, brands, and private labels.

Amazon’s Rules on Reviews

Now that we've answered the ‘How to get reviews on amazon question,

covered the 8 best ways to get reviews and all the strategies and tools you'd need to scale your business via Amazon reviews, it is essential to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations surrounding the amazon review section.

Down below, we've summed up the policies stated by Amazon regarding the type of reviews not allowed to be posted on the platform:

  • A review by someone with a direct or indirect financial interest in the product.
  • A review by someone perceived to have a close personal relationship with the product's owner, author, or artist.
  • A review by the product manufacturer posing as biased Amazon shoppers.
  • Multiple negative reviews for the same product from one customer.
  • A review in exchange for monetary reward.
  • A review of a game in exchange for in-game credits.
  • A negative review from a seller on a competitor's product.
  • A positive review from an artist on a peer's album in exchange for receiving a positive review from them.

With all these guidelines in place, Amazon is constantly trying to curb fake reviews and thus upgrade their customer experience.

How to Handle Critical Reviews on Amazon

Not every product is liked by everyone and even though your product stands first in the quality zone, you'd still have to face criticism.

Negative feedback is unavoidable and often necessary to improve your product and keep your business's progress dynamic.

So here are five techniques to deal with negative reviews:

1. Be quick with your responses and make sure you respond to negative reviews before the positive ones. This shows your determination to improve and your diligence toward your customers.

2. When responding to negative reviews, the first thing you should do is apologize. Even if the reason is unreasonable, it is preferable to apologize first. Be polite and professional throughout the entire conversation. Remember, it’s your product that the customer is criticizing and not you. So try not to take it personally, and well as Selena Gomez says-'kill 'em with kindness

3. Immediately after apologizing, demonstrate your willingness to make things right to the customer. Show empathy and a genuine desire to assist them as a priority!

4. Respond intelligently: Ensure your brand's logo is always visible and the customer can see it. Let the conversation flow according to the buyer's intent and address their queries accordingly. You may not have all the answers right away, so you intelligently prefer to answer the issues to which you have answers first and then ask them to reconnect via business emails for further discussions.

5. If the review contains profanity or promotion of the competitor’s products, make sure you report abuse.

And, of course, be fair to your customers and follow through with whatever you say on your product page. Remember, there'll be thousands of people reading your reviews.

Negative reviews are always counterproductive, so consider them an opportunity to grow and outrank yourself.

Don't Go for Fake Reviews

According to review42, more than 60% of electronic reviews are deemed 'fake', and those figures are rising significantly. As the online business industry reaches new heights, the fake review industry multiplies tenfold.

However, Amazon, or any e-commerce marketplace for that matter, is constantly employing stringent laws to avoid manipulating consumer reviews to maintain the transparency and integrity of the platform.

Posting or encouraging fake reviews can:

  • Get your review privileges revoked
  • Get your account blocked
  • Temporary or permanently suspend your seller's account

It's always better to weigh your risks against the rewards whenever you consider implementing any techniques to scale your business.

One wrong step, and you can lose it all!

Now look at some commonly asked questions:

FAQs On Amazon Product Reviews

Are Amazon Product Reviews Good For Amazon SEO?

Yes, product reviews are beneficial when it comes to product-listing optimization. It makes your products more discoverable and increases the traffic that comes from search engine optimization.

Are There Any Limits To Amazon Product Reviews? 

Yes, Non-Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon are limited to 5 reviews per week.

Why would Amazon block my reviews?

There may be several reasons Amazon blocks your reviews, but one way or the other, you've violated amazon's terms and conditions for reviews on Amazon.

The most common reasons for amazon revoking the benefits of your review are:

  • Using profanity in your reviews
  • Promoting competitive products in your reviews
  • Reviewing for monetary gains from the business or the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer posing as a reviewer
  • Leaving only or too many negative reviews on a particular business page
  • The reviews are suspiciously too short or have too many grammatical errors.

Amazon always 'fishes for what's fishy' and constantly upgrades its review scanning mechanisms to curb fake and suspicious review activities.

You likely failed to comply with these directions, and thus your reviews have been blocked.

Can a seller delete reviews on Amazon?

Yes, as a seller, you have the authority to inform Amazon to remove reviews if they seem suspicious or false.

Either report the review, request an action or mail the platform regarding the same.

How can you tell if reviews are fake on Amazon?

Here are a few ways how you can detect fake reviews on amazon:

1. The easiest way to identify a fake review is by giving it a critical reading. Look for false flattery or overly sweet praise mentioned while writing about the product. Moreover, if a review has tons of 5-star ratings but barely a few written words, the review may be a fake.

2. Grammatical errors are another black spot for determining fake reviews.

3. A "verified purchase badge'' is an excellent way to determine authentic reviewers. The verified purchase badge only shows up when the reviewer has actually purchased the product.

4. Amazon Vine: Amazon Vine is an excellent program for getting authentic reviews.

Once you enroll in the Amazon Vine program, you need to send a free giveaway to amazon reviewers, who, in this case, are top reviewers and who've signed up for the program. These critics provide an in-depth review and other details regarding your product.

Can you get in trouble for posting fake reviews?

Yes! Sellers posting fake reviews can land themselves in big trouble for posting them, and Amazon's investigation experts use top industry tools to spot and curb such malpractices.

Posting or encouraging fake reviews is a violation of the terms and conditions of the platform.

This implies that manipulating information regarding the product for financial gains or posting fake reviews even for your competitors' businesses to hamper their reputation can result in legal action against you and in the worst case scenario, can suspend your seller's account.

Is buying reviews illegal?

Yes, as per FTC guidelines, it is illegal to buy reviews, and these come under the fake reviews umbrella that we discussed above.

The major risks involved are sellers' accounts suspension, listings removal, monetary penalties, and/or government-influenced legal actions.

Moreover, in July of 2022, Amazon filed a legal lawsuit against fake review brokers across more than 10,000 groups on Facebook.

It's best to stick to the 8 ways above to get Amazon reviews rather than risk it all!

Ready to Get Reviews on Amazon?

Amazon reviews are the golden wands to get your business up and going. The more customers post reviews, the better your chance of interacting with them and the bigger your clientele gets.

Always make sure that you go the extra mile regarding the quality and uniqueness of your product to garner positive reviews and high ratings.

Avoid using black hat tactics; they may help you temporarily but will harm your brand in the long run and what's worse than getting your page suspended and losing your business?

Lastly, apply the strategies mentioned above to gain towering reviews and increase your sales in manifolds.

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