40-Hour Job With Three $10K Side Hustles 

40-Hour Job With Three $10K Side Hustles 

Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan, a USC graduate and a full-time software engineer at Accenture, launched three side hustles that she built alongside a full-time job.

This former Forbes Under 30 Scholar manages a 40-hour job alongside her largely successful side hustles and makes an additional 10,000 from it!

Ocean Ronquillo Morgan side hustler

An entrepreneur at 6 y/o-

When Ocean was 6, she came across an online subscription-based gaming platform which had a $5 fee.

But as she was too scared to ask her parents for money, she created a PayPal account (even though the user is mandatorily supposed to be above the age of 18) and learnt how to launch websites and monetize them through affiliate products.

She also signed up for an online publishing service where she curated tutorials on ‘how to beat video games’ and used SEO strategies to drive traffic to her articles. 

By the time Ocean was 8, she earned a weekly payment of $20!

As a freshman in high school at 14 y/o, Ocean launched her very first- official business which was uploading content related to gaming and partnered with large entertainment numbers back in the day.

When she was 20, whilst completing her second semester at USC, she launched her second business- Geistwear (an apparel retail) and at the age of 22 launched her third Kaivent Media  (a marketing agency)

Today she works as a software engineer for Accenture a Fortune 500 company whilst balancing her 3 side hustles and still manages to prioritize her free time!

Networking- The secret sauce to online success

When Ocean launched her third venture GeistWear in 2018, she came across a community on Twitter called “Money Twitter”.

It is a mutual community of young entrepreneurs mostly in their teens running upwards of 6-7 figure businesses.

Through this community, she connected to a sales closer and an agency owner.

She joined their accelerator program and learned how to build marketing clients and bag high-paying deals. She was also signed into a private Slack group to network with other students.

This deal not only helped her land her first high-ticket client which she signed for $5000+ but also broadened her connections in the industry.

Even today she purchases programs from Facebook and other platforms to learn strategies that would help her business.

Ocean’s everyday drill

Ocean’s working hours are 12 to 8 pm as opposed to the usual 9-to-5.

This means she can sleep late and wake up around 9 to 10 am, to work on her side hustles.

Her routine starts with part of her mornings dedicated to running sales calls with small businesses and coaching calls with remotepreneur students.

She also uses her lunch breaks to book calls and interact with clients or students.

After work, she uses the remaining time to plan out her next day or review scripts or strategies for upcoming calls, as well as do administrative work to keep her business steady.

The 3 golden pieces of advice by this hustler-

1.Enjoy the ride-

Ocean presses that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster with unexpected turns. Challenges are inevitable in the journey and the only thing that helps is adaptation. Moreover, according to her, every adversity should be seen as an opportunity for a unique invention.

2. Do things that don’t scale-

The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey is always slow and requires non-scaling efforts. The results are additive and will show up down the line.

In her words-

 “At Geistwear, Clara and I would engage with potential followers on Instagram for hours every day when we first launched our brand. This gave us about a dozen brand ambassadors with large social media followings and photoshoot opportunities during our pre-order stage. We would also stand outside for hours selling at pop-up shops and make thousands in sales and get great direct customer feedback.

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3. We only have one body

In her opinion, young entrepreneurs tend to de-prioritize health and are reckless about it until they experience a near-death experience.

However, health directly affects productivity and productivity affects the success of a business.


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Learn how others minting
money online

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