Mint Millions Through The Faceless Approach

Mint Millions Through The Faceless Approach

Privacy- a top concern that social media has drawn in with itself and also the biggest reason why most people refrain from amassing a successful social media career. But here’s an exception: The biggest premier that has recently surfaced along the lines of millions through anonymity is ‘FACELESS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS

Faceless social accounts

The million-dollar mint from anonymity

A YouTube channel named The ghost of gram gained more than a million followers on Instagram in 6 months without revealing the creator’s identity in any aspect. The page- which is riddled with pictures of the creativity along with collaborations with creators from different genres is purported to make more than 6 figures through various monetization policies.

Natalia Gutkiewicz (20) from Poland, set up her Instagram account three years ago with no intention of acquiring followers. However, this brunette bombshell has garnered over 100,000 followers on the gram without revealing her complete face.

She mints more than 300K dollars from sponsorships and other income streams.

Instagram meme account Daquan , for example, has 16.7M followers which are just 1M fewer than Joe Biden and posts accessible jokes and memes about bad haircuts and Spiderman. The (still anonymous) Canadian teen behind the account quotes, ‘The goal was to create a social media content brand that is synonymous with internet pop culture, not a personality brand,”

These are just a few examples where numerous creators are using the faceless approach to cash in fat cheques whilst retaining complete control of their privacy!

You can do it too!

According to Mae Rice from marketerhire ‘Influencers who spotlight their creativity — not themselves — are often more relatable and trusted than the ubiquitous lifestyle influencer’ as suggested by a recent Imgur report!

The best part about this– with good creativity, any and every category can be illustrated with a faceless approach!

According to Ramon Berrios, CEO of trend.oi the categories that you can start from are:

  • Food/Cocktail
  • Travel
  • Pet Feature accounts
  • Health + Wellness
  • Nature

Moreover, keeping an eye out on algorithms is an important aspect of a successful social media account.

Learning more about these and understanding how you can use that information to your benefit – whether it’s using hashtags for easier sorting on the platform and better exposure, frequency of posts and engagement generation for higher rankings can affect your followers count and ultimately your mint!

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Tools to start with

The highest-grossing faceless video genre on the tube are video game streaming, animation and live-action videos.

Henceforth, down below are the most commonly used tools by famous YouTubers for lofty view videos:

Doodly is the first Whiteboard Animation Software to allow anyone, regardless of technical or design skills to create professional and realistic whiteboard videos in a negligible amount of time.

Animaker is a platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create animation and live-action videos easily with a professional touch.

Videohive boasts 3,586,105 video effects and stock footage along with royalty-free videos and templates created by video professionals from all over the world.

Rev is an excellent alternative to converting audio and video to text with a unique combination of AI and people with 99% accurate captions, transcripts, and subtitles.

The future of anonymity

Given the continuous increase of creator preferences toward the faceless social media genre, an even larger number is likely to be in the position to have a successful channel but also to hold on to their privacy.

But what might be a convenient way of protecting one’s identity might provide a glimpse into where the future of entertainment is headed, as audiences like to get involved in the content they consume regardless of the identity of the creator.

As put forth by Andrei Terbea, ‘Shortly maybe 10 to 20 years from now, faceless will no longer be the exception, not just on YouTube but in the entertainment industry as a whole given the log of its increase today!’

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Learn how others minting
money online

Subscribe below for a weekly newsletter featuring ways how people around the globe are minting a fortune online and sporting a positive change in their life!