Rejection From 15 Schools To a $1.5M Youtube Empire

Rejection From 15 Schools To a $1.5M Youtube Empire

Charlie Chang (29) was rejected from over 15 medical schools.

Today this content creator-cum-entreprenuer  makes more than $200,000+ A MONTH via 5 passive income funnels that he built over time and a fan base of 650K+ on YouTube!

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Nothing goes as planned and for the good sometimes

Chang passed out of college in 2014 and was clear about his goals- getting into a good medical school, becoming a doctor and making his parents proud. 

But none worked for Chang as he hated blood and needles, and got rejected from more than 15 medical schools.

His parents weren’t the happiest!

Coming from a financially frugal background, Chang was always keen on discovering innovative ways to be smarter about earning, saving and investing. He loved money and creativity together!

From 2014 to 2019, he tried a variety of income streams including working on tutoring side hustles, modeling gigs, drop shipping business, and even worked as a real estate agent.

But nothing could be considered a consistent source of income.

That’s when he tapped into the content creation game and found something that he liked doing– posting financial advice on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Today Chang’s content creation business brings in more than $1.5 million in revenue — and the biggest accomplishment according to him-

 “My mom stopped sending me job listings.”


How did he find his success on YouTube?

Chang had been posting on YouTube since 2006, but his content was random and inconsistent. 

He realized in order to top the market in this game he needed to focus on a singular niche and he chose something that he loved the most– money!

In 2018, Chang created a new YouTube channel dedicated to financial advice.

He started posting consistently almost everyday on YouTube as well as on Instagram and Tik-Tok.

His first few videos received around a dozen views each, half of which were from his mother and was still not making enough from YouTube and relied on odd jobs and side hustles.

But in April 2020, he noticed a spike in interest around stimulus-related content. That month, he posted around 20 YouTube videos centered around the topic.

Chang finally got his breakthrough through a video that went viral which was centered around the then latest self employment bill.

The video made him around $10,000+ in ad revenue and added more than 30,000+ subscribers to his account in a month. 

Today Chang’s channel has over 650,000 subscribers.

Every month he makes more than $197,700 via five income streams — several of which create passive income. 


Passive Income makes up more than 75% of his income

A major chunk of Chang’s income comes from 5 Passive income strategies that he swears by.

These include Affiliate Marketing, Brand sponsorships, Youtube ads, Online Course sales and Coaching.


Affiliate marketing makes up more than 40% of Chang’s monthly income. With affiliate marketing, creators earn a commission for promoting another brand’s product or services.

Brand Sponsorships make more than 25% of this young entrepreneur’s income.

With brand sponsorships, companies pay creators to mention them in one of their videos or on their website. This is also one of the best and easiest ways to make money for creators amassing a large audience.

Youtube ad revenue is also a significant contributor to Chang’s income portfolio adding up to more than 25%.

YouTube Adsense ads that appear before or during YouTube videos pay creators an amount per ad depending upon the CTR.

The final income funnels he is currently developing are Online course Sales and Coaching.

He runs a couple of online courses–

6-Figure YouTube Academy” and “Personal Brand Masterclass” which are are both hosted on Kajabi.

Along with this Chang also holds personal meet with clients– one-on-one to consult on how to make their businesses successful. 

He charges about $500 for a 60 minute consultation. These meetups are mostly done via zoom and funnel another 10% to his income.

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“What I love about the business I’ve built is that I can choose when and where to work. Some days I’ll work zero hours, and other days I’ll put in 12 hours. On average, I work 35 hours per week.” says the young success.

In his advice- consistency, focus on singular niche and maintaining great brand relations are the key to online success.

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Learn how others minting
money online

Subscribe below for a weekly newsletter featuring ways how people around the globe are minting a fortune online and sporting a positive change in their life!