How Did This Mom Built A $160,000 Side Hustle

How Did This Mom Built A $160,000 Side Hustle

Rachel Jimenez, a 34-year-old mother of two started her Etsy store in 2019. 

In 2021, she made more than $160,000 in passive income from her venture and with her business expanding quit her full-time job to focus solely on her side hustle.

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Always passionate about building side hustles

Prior to building her store, Jimenez tried an array of passive income recourses, including dog sitting and babysitting.

She offered courses on building a business, and budgeting and also contributed to various blogs.

She did this all while working as a full-time administrator in higher education.

Being always interested in trying new ideas and experimenting with various passive income opportunities, she finally figured out the thing that worked best for her.

I think that’s part of my success, I was testing different things slowly over time, and then, eventually, all the information and knowledge came together.”- says the 6-figure business owner.”

Today Jimenez’s store sells printables or downloadable documents that customers purchase and can print on their own.

Her store features a range including Christmas scavenger hunts and digital planners.


How did she do it whilst juggling a full-time job?

Figuring out a balance between her side gigs and her job was a challenge, but according to her-

 “You can achieve big things, even when you’re working full time.” 

Here’s how this entrepreneur planned her 6-figure business-


Break down the steps and make it easy for yourself’

Before starting on her venture, Jimenez segregated and jotted down the steps she’d need to take whilst building her online presence.

The first step she took was partnering with a local women’s business centre.

The second was curating the course content and the third was advertising it.

 When building her Etsy store, the most important step was researching in-demand and popular products, the second was building high-quality services centered around the search results and the third was posting them.


When time is your biggest constraint-

While working on her side hustle, Jimenez was a full-time employee and was aware of her biggest constraint- time.

The major work that needed to be done during the day was writing.

This, every morning she woke up at 6 am instead of 7 am and used every possible time gap during her day to utilize for building the store.

“I would wake up at six, I had a routine. It was on the calendar. I knew what I needed to do, and just write for 30 minutes or an hour.” she says.

She noticed she had time during lunch breaks and utilized that too-

I would spend 30 minutes eating, hanging out with [my coworkers], and then another 30 minutes working on my Etsy store,” she says. “And I’d go to the library or go to a different table where I could be alone and just get it done.”

Jimenez also fully utilized her maternity leaves.

In 2019 after her first pregnancy, she registered for a course by Gold City Ventures about starting an Etsy shop for selling printables. 

She then launched her store and during her second pregnancy in 2020, took time to improve her skills and learn more about running a business. 

And time compounds she says-

“I think any time that you can put in, even if it’s five minutes a day or reading articles or trying to advance your skills over time,”

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Jimenez’s advice for new business owners is to have clarity about the objectives of their business and be intentional about the steps required to achieve the business objective.

She hosts her experiences on Money Hacking Mama providing potential side hustlers exclusive insight and strategies to succeed in the game.

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Learn how others minting
money online

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